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The perfect woman's bracelet is only here

Choose the bracelets 2Jewels from the Beverly Hills Collection, for the woman of class and outside the schemes, or arms Pesavento with contemporary design and elegance of classic and timeless forms.
If you prefer something more romantic we offer you the line of bracelets by Chiara Ferragni more barefoot and colorful Valentina Ferragni.

For the elegant and bright woman, choose the comete Jewelry bracelets, perfect to wear everyday or on special occasions.
Choose bracelets with pearls Chest, to preserve charm and harmony or crusado bracelets from the unique and refined design of Made in Italy.

Also available exclusive women's bracelets Damiani, creations made exclusively by hand and in Italy, a combination of gold, diamonds and precious stones.
For a casual and balanced look, the aesthetics of daniel Wellington bracelet is the most suitable.

The perfect accessories for those who love to customize their look, are the band bracelets from the collection The Georgettes, french creations with double-face and endless interchangeable colors.
If you love women's jewelry in white gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires we recommend you bracelets Mirco Visconti, with his jewels designed and manufactured in Valencia, the city of goldsmiths.

For the classy woman with a minimal and elegant look and who loves delicate colors, choose the arms PdPaola, or those geometric Pinegonda.
Choose sidalo bracelets, tennis in white or pink gold embellished with gems with various colors.

Customize your women's Bracelet Artlinea by name, numbers or letters to make your jewel unique.Or choose the pandora Bracelets to embellish with the most beautiful charms.Always for those who love personalized gifts can choose bracelets Kidult, igioielli of emotions.If you would like to remember a special event, a loved person or add a class element to your jewelry, you can choose our selections arms The Bebè and Rerum.

And finally the new collections of bracelets Unoaerre inspired by the latest trends.

Browse in section women's bracelets for buy online and with free shipping the best bracelets for her of the brand new collections of the many jewellery brands on the market.